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Repicci's Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver Caters Italian Ice, Gelato
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Repicci’s Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver is proud to provide the Denver area with Italian ice, gelato and sorbetto that is out of this world.  We’re a food truck  catering business with  frozen desserts perfect for any event. 

We love sweetening up Metro Denver with our frozen treats and have catered everything from employee appreciation events to HOA block parties to birthday parties. 

We provide catering  throughout the Metro Denver area and neighboring communities including Castle Rock, Aurora, Littleton and Westminster.

 Want to know more about our catering options?  Give us a call or send us an email.

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An older gentleman enjoys Repicci's gelato.
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Young customer enjoying Repicci's Italian ice
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Products We Cater

Repicci’s Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver offers a full line of frozen treats and hot drinks on our catering menu.  We can mix and match or create specialized options for your event.

Gelato Cups

Italian ice

Repicci’s real Italian ice is a scoop-able, velvety-smooth frozen ice dessert enhanced with natural fruit flavors.  It’s a dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free naturally delicious treat.  We also have  sugar-free options available.

Available Italian ice flavors include: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon, Piña Colada, Mango, Strawberry, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Creamsicle, RootBeer.


Repicci’s gelato is rich and creamy, like heaven on a spoon.  With the smooth custard texture and deep flavors, gelato is sure to please even the most sophisticated tastes.  Many of our flavors are gluten-free.

Available gelato flavors include: Vanilla, Dark Chocolate,  and Coconut.

Flavors available for special order:  Sea Salt Caramel, Espresso, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, Birthday Cake, Banana Dulce De Leche, Strawberry Swirl


Repicci’s sorbetto gives you the vibrant flavors and goodness of real fruit in a light, creamy scoopable treat.  For the health minded or those who prefer no added sugars, sorbetto is the way to go.  Sorbetto is dairy-free and gluten-free.

Available Sorbetto flavors include: Limoncello, Mango, Blood Orange, Raspberry.


Gelati brings together the best of both Italian ice and Gelato by combining 1 scoop of Italian ice with 1 scoop of gelato.  The resulting delicacy is both creamy and fruity.  Creating your own combination of Italian ice and gelato gives you the possibility of finding the next awesome flavor burst.

Some of our favorite gelati combinations include: Green Apple Caramel (Green Apple Italian ice with Caramel gelato), Hawaiian (Mango Italian ice with Coconut gelato), Chocoberry (Strawberry Italian ice with Chocolate gelato), Mangonilla (Mango Italian ice with Vanilla Bean gelato).


Experience the deep, rich flavor of Italian coffee brewed to perfection. Perfect both hot or as an iced coffee treat.

Or make your coffee into an affogato with a scoop of creamy gelato.  Vanilla bean, chocolate, caramel and coconut are all awesome options.


Enjoy light, refreshing tea in peach and lemon flavors.  If you’re looking for a delicate flavor, this is the perfect way to savor the moment.  Our teas are available as hot tea or iced tea.


Our rich creamy hot chocolate is great paired with popcorn and pastries or enjoyed on its own.  If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in creaminess, add in a scoop of gelato.

Repicci’s Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver Service Area

Repicci’s Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver is based in the Mile High City and serves the entire Metro Denver area.   And with our mobile mobile food truck, we’re able to supply catering to the surrounding areas as well.

Our service area extends from Westminster in the north to Castle Rock in the South. We cover east to Aurora and west to Littleton. 

If your personal, community, or business event is located in the general Denver area, we cover it.

While we don’t have trip charges for our catering, we do require minimum purchase amounts.  Our standard package is $350 minimum for a 2-hour serving window or $600 minimum for a 4-hour serving window.

Not sure if we cover your area?  Call us and ask.

customers standing around Repicci's of Denver food truck

A Few of the Local Events
Where You Can Find Us

Taste of Colorado 

Cherry Creek Art Festival 

Denver Pridefest  

Movie Nights

Outdoor Concerts

Real Estate Events

Employee Appreciation

4th of July Festivities 

Parker Days   

Festival Italiano  

HOA Events

Pool Parties

Birthday Celebrations

Customer Appreciation

Request Catering for Your Denver Area Event

Need catering at your event?  Contact us.  We cater everything from school festivals to office appreciation days or birthday parties. We’re the perfect frozen dessert caterer for an anniversary celebration, a holiday party,  HOA pool parties, school fund raisers and much more. 

When you book a catering event we can provide you with a full-service or delivery option.  We also have food truck or tent/table set-up options depending on your needs.

When you choose our full service outdoor option, we’ll arrive at your event in our Repicci’s food truck to scoop up custom orders.

For indoor events, we’ll bring our mobile freezer with our most popular flavors or the flavors you have requested. 

For delivery catering options, we deliver pre-scooped, single serving frozen desserts that allow you to distribute your treats whenever you’re ready.

Find out more about our corporate catering, private catering, community event catering, and fundraising opportunities.

Tina with a bowl of Repicci's gelato
A friendly smile from the Repicci's server in the food truck

Who is Repicci’s Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver?

Repicci's Real Italian Ice & Gelato of Denver with seating area

Hi, we’re Tina and Brandon Naughton. We love owning our Repicci’s franchise and being able to bring smiles to faces young and old.

We’ve lived in the Denver area for over 20 years and love being here.  We’re also happy we can bring our unique frozen dessert products fellow Coloradans.

We embarked on our Repicci’s journey excited with the opportunity that owning a Repicci’s food truck would allow us as a family.  Our kids have been involved in helping to run the business since they were 5-8 years old.  And they love it!

As we continue to serve the Denver area, we hope to meet many more of our neighbors through serving at local fairs and festivals and through private catering events.

If you know of some great festivals that we should be aware of, reach out to let us know.  And if you need catering for your own event, just give us a call or text us.

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Fun Facts about Tina and Brandon
and Repicci’s of Denver

Tell us about your family.

Brandon previously worked for Starz Lionsgate Entertainment and had a number of business ventures before choosing Repicci’s.  Tina homeschools our children and manages the household.  

As a family, we love coming up with irresistible gelati flavor combinations and giving them fun names.  We also love to travel the world, explore new places, and try gelato where ever we go. 

What is your favorite flavor of Italian ice?

Italian ice:  Cotton Candy

Gelato:  Coconut

Sorbetto:  Mango

Gelati:  “Tropical” (Piña Colada Italian ice with Coconut Gelato)

Have you created any unique serving suggestions for your Repicci’s customers?

Young customer enjoying Repicci's Italian ice

We created The Bronco.  Blue Raspberry, Creamsicle & Vanilla Gelato

What’s the most memorable catering event you’ve done?

We have a tie for our most unusual catering event. 

1.  A Pet Funeral and Celebration of Life Service 

2.  Cannabis Shop appreciation events where everyone ends up really celebrating and having a good time.

Do You Have Minimum Charges for Catering Events?

Yes, we do require a minimum purchase for catering requests.  Our standard package is $350 minimum for a 2-hour serving window or $600 minimun for a 4-hour serving window.  

What plans do you have for the future?

We want to add additional equipment to our business so we can cater more events simultaneously.  We hate having to tell customers we can’t fit them into our schedule.  So, book early when you’re ready for us to cater for you!