Italian Ice & Gelato
Dessert Catering for
Private Parties

Ready to get the party started?  Repicci’s private party catering can get your party going with flavors to satisfy all ages and occasions.

Repicci's Real Italian Ice and Gelato of the panhandle is the perfect partner to cater dessert for your private or corporate events. Contact Us Today!

Choose your party dessert catering package - the flavors and sizes, and we'll have it ready for pick up, delivery, full service, or mobile.

Repicci's Italian ice food truck
Drawn replica of waiter holding tray of scooped Italian ice with the words "It's Party Time."

We’re your go-to whether you’re looking to scoop up some fun or dish up a bit of elegance.  Our Italian ice and gelato flavor combination make pleasing your guests and your guest-of-honor a breeze.

Contact your local Repicci’s  or contact us online to get started with your dessert catering plans.

How Our Customers Enjoy Italian Ice...

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Multiple images of happy Repicci's customers enjoy their Italian ice and gelato.

Private Party Italian Ice and Gelato Catering

What Type of Private Parties will Repicci’s Cater?

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Summer pool parties
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Engagement parties
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • And more…

What are the best Italian ice and gelato catering options for private parties?

The best flavor and product combinations depend on your own personal tastes.  But we offer the following suggestions for kicking your party off with the simplest catering you’ll ever have.

Birthday parties

Our mobile catering truck will arrive with a freezer full of flavors so your guests can choose a double scoop of their favorite flavors. Or we will pre-scoop your order so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Graduation parties

Make your school spirit stand out by choosing your Italian ice flavors to match your school colors.

Summer pool parties

For the kids, serve up a 3-scoop Patriot Italian ice (with blue raspberry, red cherry, and white lemon).

For the adults create a one-of-a-kind tropical paradise gelati with Pina colada Italian ice and white coconut gelato.

Anniversary Celebrations & Engagement Parties

A fanciful gelati with Strawberry Italian ice and Chocolate gelato says “I love you!”


Dream to your hearts content with Italian ice and gelato combinations with flavors and colors to match your wedding theme.  Whether you’re saying “I do” barefoot on the beach or in cowboy boots on the ranch, we can make a sweet dessert to satisfy you and your guests.

A mobile catering van with a bright wrap displaying Italian ice and gelato products.

Find a Repicci's Near You

The best way to get started on catering your event is to reach out to the Repicci’s franchisee in your area.